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Gallery Wall Guide

I've done a quick guide on how to design a gallery wall!

For an asymmetric design, I start with one large feature artwork and work around it!

Cut wrapping or brown paper to the same size as your artworks and arrange them on the floor until you have a balanced pattern. Take a photo and try to recreate the same on the wall!

Sometimes, having the same colour frames helps to bring the gallery together. If you already have different colour frames and don't like the look, try to paint them before changing the frames. I recommend the Gold brand spray paint, chalk paint or acrylic paint+ dash of baking powder trick for hand-painting.

Don't spread your artworks too far apart just to cover more wall space. They look best grouped together in a close cluster!

Start with your largest artwork first and work around it. Make sure your artworks are 100% straight and aligned. Use a leveler for best results.

If you are starting from scratch, use a small colour palette matching your room to select the artworks and unify them further by using the same style frames.

It is OK to have different frames and style of artworks, however, for best practice, ensure you have one large focal artwork. In the example below, the focal point is the fox in the heavy gold frame and the round object to the top-right - they 'frame' the gallery wall.

Pick a common theme if starting from scratch.

Monochrome gallery walls are very stylish.

I particularly love the gallery wall below with the slim black frames and large white mount. They make it less about the photo and more about the stylish arrangement within the space.

For a more fun temporary feel for kids artwork, use washi tape as frames.


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