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To wallpaper or not? That is the question...

Yes! Absolutely! But do follow that famous motto by Mies van der Rohe 'less is more'!.

One can certainly get it very wrong with wallpaper so be careful when choosing your pattern. We are big lovers of wallpaper from the mid-century geometric patterns, to oriental classics, metallics, botanicals and textured patterns.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing wallpaper:

> Do make a statement with bold wallpaper!

> Do not wallpaper every room - one bold feature wall in a house is probably enough.

> If you must have more than one feature wall in your house, pick more subtle designs or textured wallpaper for the other walls. Alternatively stick to feature paint colours for the less important rooms.

> Create a good visual composition in the room by making sure the furniture and furnishings in the vicinity relate to the wallpaper in some way.

> Avoid having furniture and furnishings that fight with the print. Stick to furniture in one kind of wood or one plain colour to avoid an over-cluttered look.

> Consider textured wallpaper for damaged and rough walls.

> Take into account scale when choosing your wallpaper. Choose smaller scale simpler graphics for small rooms with low ceilings.

> Contemporary or post 1960s homes best suit large-scale graphic prints and bolder wallpaper patterns.

> Period houses suite smaller, more subtle patterns

>Tape a large sample of the wallpaper you are considering to your wall for a few days to see if can live with it.

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