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No.10 Downing Street Revamp

Putting the cost controversy aside, I'm still waiting for the big reveal. Wouldn't you love to see what Boris and Carrie's £200,000 Downing Street revamp looks like?!

Carrie hired well-known interior designer Lulu Lytle, co-founder and director of Soane Britain. With prices upon request on most items and tables lamps starting at £1,250, Soane Britan is not exactly your average household name.

Reports suggest the Downing Street flat’s new look is typical of Lulu Lytle's opulent style and includes bold patterns, Persian rugs, cream walls with gold hangings and gold chandeliers.

Is lockdown partly to blame for this kitsch maximalism or is it simply an antidote to the 50 shades of greige and scandi minimalism that have dominated our homes for over a decade.

Now, don't get me wrong. I do love the understated harmony and calmness of scandi but I am also a big advocate of the "less is a bore" school of thought which opposes Mies van der Rohe's motto "less is more".

Soane Britain interiors sit in the design space between ghastly and glorious and it's certainly not for everyone. An explosion of colour, pattern and texture, thrown together in unlikely combinations and ways that shouldn't work, but somehow do.

Curiosity killed the cat but please Carrie 'Antoinette', I do fancy a sneaky peak of No.10!

Image credit Soane Britain


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