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An internal garden

We are totally in love with internal courtyards!

Modern internal gardens stem from Chinese Courtyard Houses which were built around Feng Shui concepts. In most cases, an internal garden would change the way you experience a space, improving the natural flow around the house and bringing a connection to nature.

If designed and planned well, it should bring some natural light through a skylight, a window or a side opening and would act as a pivotal point in a house - perhaps alongside what would have been a dark and dingy corridor.

An internal courtyard will bring in a bit of zen into a small space and can make a dark unusable area of your house into a light-filled eye candy. An internal garden should help integrate a piece of nature inside the house, even if there is very little actual vegetation in it. It does not need to be expensive and it should be designed in such a way so it is easy to maintain.

In an English home, it is rare to see an internal garden. However, in an urban setting where space is premium and gardens are rare and small, the clever installation of an internal garden or courtyard could make the property really stand out and increase its value. It would certainly offer a pleasant surprise to a visitor and stimulate a satisfying experience to the user!

Check out our pinterest board on Internal Gardens for some inspiration:

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