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The purpose of this notice is to provide full transparency on how and why we collect information about our customers, how we store, process and dispose of that information and how you can control what information you receive from us. If you have any questions about data security or this privacy notice, please email

From time to time we may be required to update this privacy notice and when we do we will notify you of any changes.  


Reasons for capturing customer data

Under General Data Protection Regulation, there are several valid reasons for collecting and processing data on our customers:




This is obtained when you agree to receive information from us, for example ticking a box to receive our email newsletters or entering your email.


To fulfil a contract

When you order from us, we have a contractual obligation to fulfil the order and post your items. We therefore need to obtain information such as your address, which we store and also pass onto our couriers or printers if they are sending the item directly.

Legitimate Business Interest

In order to pursue legitimate business interests, such as informing you of new product launches that we think will be of interest. We will use your data to contact you with relevant information, based on previous purchases or when opting to join our mailing list.


Legal obligations
In certain circumstances we may need to obtain and process your information e.g. in the event of fraudulent or criminal activity.


Times when we collect your data

The data you supply to us is collected and processed:


  • When an account is created on our website.

  • When placing orders online, at an event or over the phone.

  • When voucher codes are redeemed online.

  • When choosing to join our mailing list.

  • When engaging with us on social media.

  • When entering competitions with us and with third parties which require us to send the winner a prize.

  • When contacting us with queries and feedback.


Types of Data we collect 

  • Online accounts: name, address, telephone number, email address, order history and receipts.

  • Mailing lists: preferences you have supplied to us regarding what information you would like to receive and how you would like to receive it.

  • Social Media: user names and demographics, to help us better understand our reach and following.

  • Deliveries: customer names, addresses and contact details.


How and when data is used  

There are several ways in which we will use the data we collect.


  1. To fulfil orders and services

  2. To be able to answer any product, payment and transaction queries that may be made in the future.

  3. To process refunds.

  4. To protect your security and our business from illegal activity and fraud e.g. saving online account information so that we can verify who accesses a customer’s account.  

  5. To send competition prizes to winners.

  6. To keep our customers informed of new launches, events and products.

  7. To provide customers with marketing information on products and activities related to our business, subject to permission and only to provide information on relevant products we believe will be of genuine interest to our customers.   


Protecting Data 

We treat all data with the utmost respect and security.


Our website is securely hosted with password protection for all areas, including personal information and payment details.


Any paper data is kept locked away and files are shredded as soon as they are no longer required.


Portable devices are password protected and all computers have double authentication installed on.



The duration of time we retain data can vary depending on the nature of the data and its use, as well as legal and business requirements. Any data pertaining to sales is legally obliged to remain on file for six years.


Sharing Data 

We will sometimes need to share data with third parties, such as our couriers, printers if they are to ship the items directly, IT companies who support our website and services, and the direct marketing companies who supply our mailing list communications.  

Any third parties we supply data to are obliged to use it solely for the purpose it has been supplied for, to process it securely and to dispose of it once no longer required.


Rights of the Individual 

Individuals have the right to see, amend, control and withdraw any data held relating to them, unless we feel there is a legitimate business interest or legal reason not to.  

Individuals may request to see what data is held on them and to correct any inaccuracies.

Individuals can also withdraw consent to data being held and to being contacted with some or all of our marketing information.  


Disposing of Data 

We securely dispose of all paper data by shredding paperwork once it is no longer required.  

Disposal of electronic data follows the same security processes we have in place for protecting the data.


Contacting Us 

If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, storage, use and disposal of your data, please contact us by email or phone and we will endeavour to resolve the issue immediately.

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