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Activity Based Workspace

For most of us, the office is where we spend the majority of our week. The daily commute and hours at your desk are a reality we cannot escape from. We believe a good office space makes your day just that little bit more enjoyable. You spend hours and hours pondering on how to best design your home so why wouldn't you want to be an a well-designed office! After all, you spend more time there than anywhere else!!

Activity Based Workspace or ABW for those in the know, has been the big hoo-ha of the decade in office design. So what is it?! Is it just a fancy word for hotdesking I hear you say! Does it really work?!

Activity Based Working gives employees a choice on how, when and where they work in the office space. This means providing a choice of work settings, each designed for a different types of task, such as workstations, collaboration areas, public spaces and concentration zones. Typically, an employer will provide 20-40% less workstations than the number of their staff which means they save on office space and encourage the active use of the interactive zones.

ABW builds up trust between an employer and their staff, whilst the freedom to choose their environment gives employees a certain level of satisfaction and gratification, in turn building up company loyalty.Does ABW work? We believe so! For some companies more than others so it has to be designed and implemented with care. However, when done correctly, it is a win-win for everybody!

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