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Maharishi Yogi spoke about the ocean as an analogy for the mind. He compared the waves to our thoughts and the depths of the ocean to the silent transcendental level of our mind. The process of transcending is like a wave settling into the vastness of the sea. ​


The most settled state of our mind – pure consciousness – is not a flat, empty silence but a dynamic field flowing within itself. ​The next time you escape to the beach and dive into the ocean,
reflect upon your own consciousness. Coming out refreshed and rejuvenated from a day at the beach is a small step towards attainment of wholeness in Being.


  • Vivid high quality canvas print from the original
  • Ready-to-hang
  • White floating frame is available 
  • Sizes: 60 x 40cm and 90 x 60cm




DELIVERY approx. 2 weeks from order. Allow an additional week or so for framing.


♦ Please leave your phone number to make the delivery process smoother.

♦ I also accept commissions, custom orders and sizes. Feel free to contact me.

Life’s a Beach

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