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You’re the colours in the sunset
You’re the rustling of the leaves
You’re the twinkling in the nighttime stars
You’re the very air I breathe
~Qiuling Zakaroff


The essence of a heart’s desire is love. Release the love inside to awaken the soul and unleash the positive energy stored deep within. Art is my heart’s desire! It allows the colour inside me to burst out with an explosive energy. I love to paint large-scale in vivid array of intense bright colours.
My art is meant to inspire. Every painting, with its bold colours and luminous glow is created to bring out a positive emotion, a flow of creativity and a sense of awakening and empowerment. What is your heart’s desire?


  • ORIGINAL painting framed in white timber frame
  • Ready-to-hang
  • 125 x 90cm




DELIVERY approx. 3 weeks from order.


♦ Please leave your phone number to make the delivery process smoother.

♦ I also accept commissions. Feel free to contact me.

Heart's Desire Original Painting

SKU: INK00003
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