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In the grand tapestry of life's design,
A truth emerges, a pattern defined.
For everything that begins, must find its end,
And in this cycle, full circles transcend.

For in the circles of life, we find our place,
And discover the beauty of each turning phase.
In every ending, a new beginning awaits,
As full circles complete, and destiny recreates.
And as we journey through life's intricate whirl,
We find solace in the cycles that unfurl.

¬ Dell Misteryolo


  • Vivid high quality canvas print from the original
  • Ready-to-hang
  • White floating frame is available 
  • Size: 100 x 75cm




DELIVERY approx. 2 weeks from order. Allow an additional week or so for framing.


♦ Please leave your phone number to make the delivery process smoother.

♦ I also accept commissions, custom orders and sizes. Feel free to contact me.

Circles of Life

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