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Kitchen design trends and inspiration

At the Bold Collective, we love contrasting kitchens using an array of colour and textures in white, black, timber and marbles. Be bold, daring and playful with your kitchen. Add some extra pizazz with brass or gold handles, snazzy pendants and unusual stools.


Recent changes and working from home has evolved the kitchen to become the most multifunctional and used room of any house. From doubling up as open-plan living rooms to makeshift home offices, our kitchens are well worth spending some money on. 

Investing in your kitchen will not only improve your daily quality of life but it will also add value to your home for resale. 

Compact design

Create a row of tall deep units along one wall to accommodate your fridge/freezer, pull-out pantry and ovens/microwave. This streamlined design provides tonnes of storage and looks great. 

Hot water on demand

Throw-away your kettle and install a hot water tap. Most come with filtered water function which is a real bonus in hard-water areas. Google searches of hot water taps increased by 25% in 2020, suggesting that this is definitely a trend to look out for in 2021.


Colourful kitchens seem to be making a come-back with most retailers like Wrens and Magnet offering some fabulous colour options. Watch out for dusty pinks, greens and shades of blue. Two-tone contrasting kitchens are also trending. 

Dark surfaces

Dark colours and monochrome create an air of luxury and sophistication. Shades of black and dark grey, when used as worktops, floors and splashbacks can make a room feel very inviting, particularly when combined with textured woods to add a rustic, homely charm. 

Concealed extractors

There was a trend for making a big loud feature of the kitchen extract fan but recent trends are towards concealed and downdraft extracts.

Smart kitchen storage

The declutter culture has definitely reached our kitchens. Most retailers provide a fabulous amount of kitchen storage options including concealed bins, smart shelving, pull-out larders, pull-down shelves, concealed herb racks, wine racks etc. 

Statement taps and handles

There is an immense choice of mixer taps and handles to choose from. Trending are black, brass and copper. 

Concealed appliances

While there will be an abundance of tech and new gadgets in our kitchens, we don’t want to necessarily see them. Look out for a streamlined finish without impacting the style and functionality of the appliance. 



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