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The path to a designer home

The design process is simple. This is how it works:


1.Select a design plan

Check out our design plans and select which one best suits your needs. If you are unsure, please call us or send us a message so we can guide you to which one is best for you.

2.Your brief

Once you've selected and signed up for a design plan, please fill out our brief form. Tell us as much as you can about the room(s) you need styled. The more you tell us, the better. You can upload:

  • Photos or videos of your room(s)

  • Dimensions of your room(s)

  • Images of rooms or styles you like

  • Links to your pinterest boards 

  • Photos of items you own and would like to incorporate

  • Links or images of furniture and accessories you like (even if you are unsure whether they would go)

3. Design conference

We'll kick-start your project with a chat (online, phone or video) as preferred by you. We will also start an online collaboration board in order to develop your concept. This will be the foundation of your final room design. 

4.Developing your design

We will make layout, furniture and decor recommendations as per your brief and design plan. We will help you visualise your new room and recommended layout. ​If you need changes, we will make them until you are happy with your outcome. 

5.The grande finale

Once you are happy with your design, we will give you a complete shopping list and links to complete your room. You can either shop the furniture, decor and accessory items yourself or we can do it for you for a small fee! Your designer home is almost complete!

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