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Bathroom design trends and inspiration

I am in love with minimalist bathrooms in monochrome with black and white tiles, timber slats and marble - a lot of marble! Black shower screens and tapware are trending at the moment with a lot of cost-efficient options on the market.

Black-framed shower screens, inspired by classic black metal Crittall windows are popping up in high-street retailers. As a classic Architectural feature of the 1920s, it is associated with the opulent art deco, bringing an element of high style to any bathroom. This top bathroom trend shows no sign of losing popularity and with the ageless Crittall design, in my opinion, it is here to stay. 

Burnished, brass, gold, copper and black tapware and accessories

When it comes to tapware and accessories, chrome will never go out of fashion. However, there is a growing trend for more traditional finishes such as vintage gold, brushed brass or polished nickel, which give a softer alternative to shiny chrome.


There are some beautiful tapware ranges in gold, copper and brass popping up on the market which I believe will be ever more popular over the coming years. Brass paired with marble and dark shades of navy oozes sophistication reminiscent of luxury hotels and opulence. 

Streamlined single basin mixers have increased in demand over the traditional taps in pairs and there is a growing number of design options when it comes to mixers. 

Tiles, patterns and colour

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are now replicating the hottest concrete, wood and stone looks, as well as expanding into new frontiers with creative shapes, colours and patterns. 

Opt for white streamlined sanitaryware but have fun with tiling, painting and wallpaper. With so many tile options on the market, you really can have a lot of fun with bold patterns and colours. I am a true believer that bathrooms are an opportunity for fun and experimentation. Minimalist or maximalist, whatever your style is, let it shine in your bathroom. 


If you'd rather keep your bathroom simpler, hexagon or metro tiles laid in a herringbone pattern are a great way of adding personality with plainer tiles. 

Supersized tiles have become very popular with an influx of options on the market. Achieving fewer grout lines and a more luxurious look, I believe the oversized tiles are here to stay. 


Coloured sanitary-ware has made a firm comeback and is great for injecting personality into what can be a clinical space, but I would recommend caution if considering a colour. If you choose black sanitary-ware, beware that they are much harder to keep stain-free, especially in areas with hard water. My belief is that sanitary-ware should be white, whilst making a statement with the rest of the bathroom features. 

Spa serenity

After the stresses of the pandemic, creating spa-like serenity at home has never been more important. Statement baths are key with the focus on clean lines and sculptural shapes.


Reminiscent of boutique hotels, a freestanding bath creates an opulent atmosphere, making the act of bathing a luxury. When choosing a freestanding bath, consider the size of your bathroom and the ease of cleaning around it. If space is tight, you can find back-to-wall baths that can still give that luxe look but in a compact space.

Creating a connection between the natural world and our interiors remains a popular concept, particularly in the bathroom as a space for wellness. Bring plants, natural light and wood to achieve a peaceful and tranquil surrounding. 



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